About Us

KRENARERUGOVA is the eponymous label found in 2003 by Krenare Rugova, a graduate of the renowned Parsons School of Design in New York. During her studies she spent one year in Parsons’ School of Design & Art in Paris where she was awarded with the Susan Rooke Silver Thimble Award at the year-end Fashion Critics’ Award Show in 2001. Upon completing her education, Rugova returned to her home country, Kosovo, and established her clothing design company. Over the course of over fefteen years she has established a distinguished style characterized by the application of unique cutting techniques often inspired by a fusion of natural and architectural forms that bring out new shapes and tastes.  

To date Rugova has presented several collections that were very well received both locally and internationally.

In addition to running her clothing label, Rugova currently holds the position of Head of Fashion Design Department at AAB University in Prishtina, Kosovo.